Why Paleo?

So if you have been reading our blog or following me on instagram (@megsfrombeantown) you will know that we have decided to start living a mostly Paleo life.  I did lots of reading about this before I started.  We started following Paleo bloggers and then one week I was sick and could think of no other reason for it other than what I was eating and how I was sleeping.  So I kindly told Trevor that I was going to do Paleo for a bit just to see.  We were not super strickt that first few months.  We started right at the start of the holidays so we were kind to each other.  I don't believe in being supre restrictive because I have found that it leads to faluire when it comes to diest.  Slow for us was better and we had an almost 100% Paleo Thanksgiving and for the post part stuck to the 80% 20% knowing that after the holidays we were going to try the Whole30 to really see what the infalmatory foods are really doing to us. \n\nThe reason I choose to make this change is that I have PCOS and food has always been a struggle for me.  I was misdiagnosed when I was younger and that lead to other health problems, but I could always tell that food did something to me.  My docotors wouldn't listen. I mean really who is going to listen to a 13 year old when she says sugar makes me feel funny when you have no markers for diabetes.  If you know anything about PCOS you know that what comes along with that is a nice little dose of insulin intolerance. Over the years I have done so many diets, low carb, low fat, vegan, vegetarian, you name it I have tried it.  For a while in my 20s everything was great as long as I was training for a marathon I could eat most things.  Yes you read that right as long as I was training for a marathon.  When I stopped training and adjusted my eating to less exercise I would gain.