What We Learned This Week

Learning is Fun

\nWell we are in our second week of Whole30.  This week was a week of learning and for me (Megan) a week of finally feeling better.  Last weeks sugar withdrawal was not so fun in the afternoon for me.  I had a headache from about 2 until bedtime... Anyways lets get to some fun things that we learned this week. \n\nFirst off Trevor discovered that raw almonds in America have to be pasteurized.  One would think this would make them not raw, but hey it's the US FDA they make magic happen. Also related to this we found out that one of the ways the US approves of pasteurization of raw almonds by spraying them with PPO.  PPO is a carcinogen and was something bikers and race car drivers used to clean their enginges until they discovered how toxic it is.  Makes you think twice about those almonds you are snacking on.  \n\nSecondly, lots of stuff was being posted on Paleo and sugar and all that fun processed stuff we eat.  Megan learned some fun stuff from this article, This Is Your Brain on Gluten.  There is some interesting things in here and some just crazy science. It is worth a read. It is a wonderful write up about the craze against gluten right now. Honestly, what I have learned this week is that it isn't about gluten, but about being more conscious about what we put in our bodies. I feel better on a sugar free (the white stuff), grain free, whole food diet.  Does that mean I'll never eat bread again who knows. The negative about this article I would say is that I think too many people do look for a way to dismiss the link that gluten has to so many inflammatory diseases of our body... but that's another post. \n\nFinally, I think the most fun thing we learned this weekend is how to scale and gut a fish for Friday's dinner.  \n\n

Trevoer Descalling A Fish

\n\nAlong with this we also learned we need to buy some kitchen shears. \n\nAnd that is what we learned this week. Stay tuned for a recipe round up in the next few days.