Be Thankful

\n\n###Thankfully Thankful\t\n\nI have never written a thankfulness piece anywhere in November.  I am not sure why November is the only month that people do thankfulness challenges.  I get that Thanksgiving is in November, but for some reason I can't get behind the 30 days of thankfulness challenges. I am guessing that the people who share their 30 days of gratitude in November have a better month.  This is purely based off my life of living a thankful and greatful life everyday.  I daily pray and give thanks to God for all that he has given me.  When I started doing this my life got better.  Which I attribute (and I'm sure there are a bunch of studies out there proving this) focusing on the things you are greatful for makes you see that there is so much more to be thankful for and so little to be complaining about. \n\nI would challenge anyone to do a daily list of thanks.  It can start small sometimes it has to.  There are a lot of pessimists out there and their list might just be:\n\n1. I am thankful for that donut I got in the office today. \n\nor \n\n1. I am thankful I got through the day. \n\nAs you begin your nightly thanks I am sure you will see that the list grows bigger.  You start realizing all the gifts that you are given.  They often far out weight the troubles or simply make you realize that maybe the troubles will only last a little while. \n\nA few years ago I was living in New York City trying to figure out my life.  I was not misearble, but pretty close to it.  What kept me going was this daily list.  The things that I was thankful for or looking back on some of my list and seeing what I had gone through and how God had helped me get to the other side of challenges. Living a life of gratitude has helped me dig myself out of many holes. Learning how to live a life of thankfulness has changed my whole life. \n\nI would challenge everyone out there to commit to trying to do at least one day of thankfulness every week. Maybe this is going around the dinner table on Sunday and having everyone share one thing they are thankful for.  Maybe you are a family of one and see no light at the end of the tunnel take a little sticky note and write what you are thankful for and stick it somewhere. See what happens when you focus on what you have instead of what you don't have. \n\nSo that all being said I guess I like the thankfullness challenge in November.  I may not particpate in it on Facebook, but I enjoy seing my friends share what they are thankful for.  I hope that it opens people up to being more positive and carrying on being thankful througout the year.  \n\nAnd with that I leave you with this cartoon I found about Thanksgiving.\n\n