PCOS, Weight Loss, and My Journey To Health


\n\n\t\t\t\tMe after my second marthon\n\nThis post has been a long time in the making...  \n\nI feel it is best to begin at the beginning of my health journey.  When I was around 15 I was diagnosed with Adrenal Hyperplasia and put on a large dose of prednisone.  If you know anything about steroids you know that prednisone is one of the worst. Needless to say after a few years of this I did not get any better and was in fact getting much worse.  Thankfully, when I was a sophomore in college we decided that I needed to go see a new doctor.  He sent me to a few other specialist and it was quickly confirmed that I had been misdiagnosed 5 years ago. This caused me to be poisoned by prednisone and I had developed Cushing Disease.  I was correctly diagnosed with PCOS and put on a bunch of other medicine to control those symptoms and help me lose weight.  I also had to be weaned off prednisone.\n\nI happily took the pills I was given for a few years convinced that they were going to make me better.  They didn’t really do anything for me and I was sick of taking pills.  Why did I need them? No one ever really explained PCOS to me at this time.  This is when I began to take my health into my own hands.  I purchased just about every book on PCOS and threw away all of the pills.  I had done enough research to figure out that the pills, though they helped the symptoms, merely were a crutch for me.  Metformin alone does not help you lose weight it controls blood sugar, but it is not a long term solution to those suffering from PCOS.  Throwing away these pills made it vital for me to take control of my health. \n\nAt this point I started the couch to 5K program and Weight Watchers.  This was fantastic for me and I quickly got down to a healthy weight and started running marathons.  Then I moved and suffered some of those wonderful things life throws at you and gained some weight back.  When you have PCOS it is easy to put the weight back on and hard to take the weight back off.  My life has been a constant balance of how to eat, when to eat, and how much exercise should I be doing.  \n\nThrough out the years I have struggled with all of this and with all the other issues that come with being overweight and having this wonderful syndrome.  PCOS not only makes it harder to lose and easier to gain weight, but brings with it a plethora of other fun symptoms with it, and my journey to health has me dealing with these issues.  I have to figure out what I want my life to look like.  What is healthy? What do I need to do to reach this? What am I willing to change? \n\nThese are all things that you have to think of when starting this journey.  I have lost weight and kept it off for a little while, but I have never really addressed what it means to be healthy.  I haven’t ever transitioned my lifestyle to one that maintains the healthy weight.  I can blame it on my 20s and wanting to have fun, but really why things don’t stick is I never made it a priority.  I was always so focused on the getting thin part not the getting fit part.  I didn’t make lifestyle changes.  I just figured out how to eat what I liked and added more exercise.  I don’t have time to work out for 2 hours a day everyday and the foods I love to eat aren’t all that good for me. I decided it is time for a life change. \n\nWhere is this all taking me I don’t know.  I do know that I am finally on a healthy journey.  That it is more about getting fit and less about losing weight.  I know that I am happy and ready to be the me that I have always wanted to be and I know that a fit girl is in here.  That is partly what this blog is about.  We post our recipes on here, but this is a place where I want to share my journey to fitness.  I am very blessed with a husband that is doing this right along with me.  And I’m happy to report I’m well on my way to being healthy and fit.\n\nAs this blog continues I hope to write more about my struggles and triumphs and all the fun stuff life has in store for us.