Our First Thanksgiving - Liveblog

Happy Thanksgiving!

\n\nWelcome friends and family!\n\nBecause we aren't having Thanksgiving with you physically you can join us here. Throughout the day we will be documenting our First Thanksgiving. We got a late start in taking pictures, but will definitely make up for that in the final product. Join us!\n\nNOTE: Links to recipes used for inspiration will be included at the end.\n\n[11:56 PST]\nThe Turkey is in the oven at 500 degrees to brown and crisp up the skin. All complete with a 2 day salt brine and a nice grass-feed beef rosemary and sage butter spread. Stuffed with a Paleo-friendly sausage stuffing.\n\n

The 12lb star of the day - The Turkey

\n\n[11:58 PST]\nThe stock for the turkey wine gravy is starting to break down that delicious neck meat.\n\n

Turkey Gravy Stock

\n\n[11:59 PST]\nOur dog, Thunder can't wait to help out too!\n\n

Thunder helping out in the kichen for Thanksgiving

\n\n[12:27 PST]\nThe turkey is browned and tempurature is turned down... starting to look amazing!\n\n

Browned Turkey

\n\n[12:30 PST]\nBack to the over we go at 350 for the next couple of hours.\n\n

Turkey in the Oven

\n\n[14:00 PST]\nAlmost there. Only 6 more degrees for the thigh to be at temperature.\n\n

Almost Done

\n\n[14:30 PST]\nSide dish time. Tricolor Autumn Mash (Carrots, Parsnips and Cauliflower)\n\n

Tricolor Autumn Mash

\n\n[14:40 PST]\nMaple Roasted Brussel Spourts with Bacon and Walnuts.\n\n

Maple Roasted Brussel Spourts

\n\n[16:00ish PST]\nAnd the Thanksgiving spread is all done and ready to eat.\n\n

Autumn Mash

\n\nThe Autumn Mash was quite tasty, will probably be making this again. Best part is they are quite easy to make. Thanks to NomNomPaleo.\n\nRecipe: Roasted Garlic Autumn Mash\n\n

Paleo Stuffing / Dressing

\n\nThe Paleo bread turned out to be a pretty good stuffing for not having any white or wheat bread in it. Thanks to Brittany Angell for the bread recipe that we turned into our own stuffing.\n\nRecipe: Rosemary and Sage Paleo Style Stuffing Bread\n\n

Maple Roasted Bacon Brussel Sprouts

\n\nThese were absolutely superb. We took a recipe from Wholefoods and changed it to include bacon and left out the pumpkin seeds since we didn't have any and in their stead added coasely chopped walnuts. Well I guess is retrospect our way had nothing do to with the version from Wholefoods, but that was the underlying inspiration to add Maple Syrup so here it is anyways.\n\nRecipe: Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Pumkin Seeds\n\n

Jelified Cranberry Sauce

\n\nMegan made the cranberry sauce ... so no recipe there. The cranberry sauce included cinnamon apple sauce, fresh cranberries, cloves, orange juice, orange zest, cayenne, honey, and water. Or something like that. \n\n

Cooked Turkey

\n\nOur finished product after a two day brine with salt, pepper, rosemary and sage followed by a generous coating of grass-fed sage butter. It ended up being very moist.\n\n

Thanksgiving Plate

\n\nThis is the final composed plate (or at least mine). Though no picture of the gravy the gravy was probably my best part of the meal. Nice and dark due to the drippings of our bird then thickened with tapioca flour. And I was able to talk Megan into adding the best part of getting a whole turkey, the giblets all chopped up into fine pieces.\n\n[20:10 PST]\nTwo words... Pumpkin Pie.\n\n

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie with Coconut Whipped Cream

\n\nThis was a mix of two different recipes. One for the crust and one for the pie filling. But oh so tastily good. Surprisingly I liked the coconut whipped cream.\n\nRecipe: Pumpkin Pie Crust\nRecipe: Bill's Chiffon Pumpkin Pie