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We are doing the Whole30

\n\nWe both are going to be starting the 2014 year off with a kickstart to a healthier new year together. Thank you to ... and ... with Whole9Life we are joining the Whole30 in January 2014.\n\nAfter exchanging our new Paleo diet / lifestyle for time with friends and family back up in New England we have decided to do an elimination diet to kickstart a healthy 2014. Before leaving for the Christmas season we were mostly (80% or more) following a clean Primal Paleo lifestyle. This diet works very well with both of our bodies and we were feeling really good. Hoever, we recognized that we got super sloppy during our Christmas vacation and have decided to follow through with our original plan to commit to a month of mindful eating at the start of 2014 together.\n\nSome inspiration that we are using during this 30 day journey:\n \n* Whole9Life: Whole30 3.0 - 2011\n* Nom Nom Paleo: The Round up 30 days of whole30 recipes\n* Nom Nom Paleo: Whole30 Pinterest Board\n* Good Cheap Eats: My Whole30 Eating Plan\n\n## Overview of the Whole30 Plan.\n\nThe Whole30 plan is a 30 day kickstart to a more healthy you. A one-month reset of sorts, "designed to help you restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, calm systemic inflammation and put an end to unhealthy cravings, habits, and relationships with food." [Whole9Life] The program eliminates foods that could potentially be harmful to your overall health (like sugar, grains, dairy and legumes). Once you have done this you might recognize that these "healthy" foods might be causing your body more trouble and might be the root of problems you face in becoming healthier (like losing weight, a hormone imbalance, or feeling drowzy). Most importantly this 30 day reset will change the way you think about food and especially how you taste your food. Without all the processed foods your eyes, nose, and tongue will be enriched by how drastically your food has changed.\n\n### The Plan Outlined\n\nEat real food – grassfed meat, wildcaught seafood, cage-free eggs, tons of vegetables, a small amought of fruit, and plenty of good fats from fruits, oils, nuts and seeds. Eat foods with very few ingredients, all pronounceable ingredients, or better yet, no ingredients listed at all because they’re totally natural and unprocessed.\n\n

Eat Real Food

\n\nMore importantly, here’s what NOT to eat during the duration of your Whole30 program. Omitting these will help you regain your healthy metabolism, reduce systemic inflammation, and help you determine how these foods might be impacting your health, fitness and quality of life.\n\n* Do not consume added sugar of any kind, real or artificial. No maple syrup, honey, agave nectar, coconut sugar, Splenda, Equal, Nutrasweet, xylitol, stevia, etc. Read all labels of food you buy because companies sneak sugar and other variations of sugar into their foods.\n\n* Do not consume alcohol, in any form, not even for cooking. \n\n* Do not eat grains. This includes (but is not limited to) wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, rice, millet, bulgur, sorghum, amaranth, buckwheat, sprouted grains and all of those gluten-free pseudo-grains like quinoa. Again read all labels as manufactures add all types of grain and grain "by-products" into their products.\n\n* Do not eat legumes. This includes all types of beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, and peanuts. No nut butters either. Also remove all types of soy (this includes tofu, soy sauce, and lechithin etc.)\n\n* Do not eat dairy or any dairy by-product. The only exception is clarified grass-fed butter or ghee. (Yes, this product has a high price tag in the stores (found at Wholefoods) though this is extremely easy to make at home. Here is NomNomPaleo's instructions that we are following.\n\n* Do not consume carrageenan, MSG or sulfites.\n\n* Do not eat white potatoes. Really only look to Sweet Potatoes (also known as Yams in the US) as the only variation of potato allowed.\n\n* In addition, no Paleo-ifying dessert or junk food choices. This means no desserts or junk food made with “approved” ingredients—no coconut-flour pancakes, almond-flour muffins, flourless brownies, or coconut milk ice cream.\n\n*[paraphrased from Whole9Life]*\n\nJoin us in 2014 as we discover a richer way of eating the food that we already love. It shall be a great journey, make sure to share what you are learning or struggling with here at our blog or even better over on the Whole30 Forums where others are going through this journey with you.\n\nThe book that inspired the Whole30 program was "It Started With Food" by Dallas and Mellisa Hartwing.\n\n

\n\nWithin this book they outline a clear, balanced, sustainable plan that will influence the way you look and eat food for the rest of your life. When you change the things you put into your body this is also change (for the better) the way your body functions on a day to day basis.