Introducing Thunder

Sly Thunder

\n\n##Our Dog\n\nThunder is our husky we adopted from Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel. He is a sweet, adorable, loving, semi lazy, Alaskan Husky. He spends most of his day laying around the house and licking things, mostly his humans.  He likes to be as close as possible to his humans. There is no doubt that we are his pack. Everytime we go for a walk Thunder tries to get to the car.  We believe that if he had his choice he would live in a moving vehicle.  Best of all Thunder does not bark.  He may talk to us if we are to slow to give him food, but mostly he just sits there and smiles. \n\nHere is a picture of our very happy pup. He plays a big role in our life. \n\n