A Little Bit About the Macks

\n## Life With The Macks\n\nWelcome to our blog! This is the fun first post where we get to tell you all the things we hope this blog will be.  Then hopefully live up to those. \n\nFirst, off lets get the basic introductions done. The person writting this as if her husband is sitting next to her is Megan (who thinks it is sometimes fun to write in 3rd person). Trevor, is currently at work doing computer stuff that Megan almost kind of understands. We got married on July 27, 2013 in New Hampshire; went on a wonderful two and half week European adventure; got back packed the car and took the show to California.  We now currently live in the wonderful Redwood Shores community in northern, but not really northern California (there is still a whole 3-4 hours till you are out of this state!).\n\n

Megan and Trevor Wedding

\n\nSo that is the basic bit of our lives.  What more do you need to know? \n\nThis is a place where we will be sharing the adventures of life.  Who knows what that will look like, but our best guess is it will have a lot to do with cooking.  We love to cook.  If you look at the pictures on our phones most of them will be pictures of food with some pics of our dog, Thunder, thrown in.  So yeah, there will be lots of recipes.  Then, you know, there is that whole newlywed piece and living in a new place and all that jazz so there will most likely be a bunch of posts about the crazy adventure of marriage and life in California. \n\nWe think that about sums it up for now.  Let's get this adventure of blogging together started.  We hope you come and do life with us!